Or Zilberman
Project Manager & Web Strategist

General Information

Name: Or Zilberman
Birthday: 26 Oct, 1988
Address: Ya'akov Kaspi 4, Haifa, Israel
Phone: +972-545-254-022
E-mail: Zilbermanor@gmail.com
Website: http://www.orzilberman.com

Hi, my name is Or Zilberman

The internet has always fascinated me as a young boy, the freedom to have a vision in your head and the ability to make it happen in a few moments.

Ive started my way into this world at about the age of 14, through autodidact learning of programming, that later evolved into an understanding of the total online arena and all of its related domains. including Web Programming, SEO, SEM and the way users intraction eveolved with the web through time as i grew myself into this world.

Today i devote myself into gaining deeper and wider understanding of this domain and my special interest in Ai and Machine learning While doing my B.SC in computer sciences.